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Passion Fruit White Balsamic Vinegar

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit White Balsamic Vinegar Passion Fruit

Our tropical passion fruit and white balsamic

Infused balsamic can be used in shrubs, mixed cocktails, over berries or cut up fruit. Makes a wonderful glaze or addition to marinades and dressings. Especially delicious in ceviche or seafood cocktails.

Pairs well with lime olive oil, lemon olive oil, orange olive oil, Toasted almond oil, Toasted Sesame oil, lime olive oil, Baklouti olive oil, and any UP extra virgin olive oil.

$13.95 In stock
60 ml bottle:$7.95
200 ml bottle:$13.95
375 ml bottle:$19.95
750 ml bottle:$36.95
size 60 ml bottle (-6) 200 ml bottle (0) 375 ml bottle (6) 750 ml bottle (23)

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